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Originally Posted by ducnut View Post
I'd say 15mm.

High-end, racing wheels will be ~13mm. Cyclocross and commuter wheels will be 15-18mm. 29er MTB wheels will be ~20mm.

I've run 40mm, on my Tricross (16mm). But, I've seen a 50mm, 29er MTB tire on a Tricross, too.
hmmm. the CX appropriate rims on velocity were like 21-24mm wide. 29er blunts were like 35mm wide or something.

re: the OP, any wheels in the $100 a pair range are going to be the same cheap junk that came on your Cirrus and will die the same way. my Globe has those same cheap 1" wide 700c hybrid wheels on it. if/when mine sproing, I'm looking to upgrade to something like cross wheels. I'm running 35m tires now, but if I get my weight down, I'll probably drop to 32 or even 28 so I wanted to be sure I could get away with that range.
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