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Isn't that dangerous?
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~35,000 miles. Investigating an oil leak, I traced it back to the o-ring that seals the gear indicator behind the sidestand mount. Difficult to see the area with the kickstand in place and I was fearing the worst. I've never been so glad to see a leaking seal

$0.35 part, item 26 in the picture. Same o-ring is used in the 9x0 and SE, so I ordered a couple.

I just received mine today! I developed the same leak (again) about a week ago and after elminating other possibilities and cleaning and watching it closely right after riding, I figured it was the gear position sensor o-ring!! My bike finally turned 40,000 miles last week, and it makes sense as I replaced the first one around 20,000 miles ago. I ordered a few to have some spares on hand. As the bike climbs up in miles, I am trying to have certain things on hand going forward such as:

Clutch master rebuild kit
Clutch Lever springs
Clutch fluid
Water Pump rebuild kit
Oil sight tube ( I had one fail while on a trip and this was not fun, I now keep an extra one waiting in my bag of tricks)
Fuel Pump
air filter
oil filters
Various clamps for coolant hoses
Some extra preformed and straight fuel line pieces
o-rings for the gear position sensor
carb o-rings

Not having these things on hand has caused me quite a bit of down time because inevitably I will need one of these things the day before I am going to leave on a trip!!!
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