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Originally Posted by JimVonBaden View Post
Wait, did someone actually say it shouldn't be allowed? I think many said it isn't, and some said it is a bad idea where it isn't allowed, but I don't recall anyone saying it shouldn't be allowed.

Meh, you know what I meant. This was basically my way of "justifying" filtering by showing studies done on the subject and thereby hopefully educating some people. Do I personally do it? In four years of riding I have maybe five times. I just do not have a need to where I live. Would I do it more if I lived in a major city and commuted by bike? Probably. But I know what could happen, both by LEOs and vigilantes and I think I am ok with what the likely outcomes are (nothing would happen).

To answer the OP's question:

Is it OK to do it? Under the right circumstances sure, you won't get hurt.

Is it legal to do it? In Texas, no.
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