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Originally Posted by Seth S View Post
Doug is just using this as an excuse to buckle down and focus on his end goal of competing in the Dakar. i suspect that right now he is putting together a regimented training plan to reabilitate his wounds and convert his body into a well toned riding machine. During this down time he will be ordering the rally kit for the 450 and researching the locations of the nearest MX track where he can start riding laps at for endurance training. I suspect that he will use the down time to research the dietary needs and start building a proper training menu. I'd wager in about 3 months Douglas Chapman will not be recognizable by any of us...and not in a unibomber kind of way but in an arnold schwarzenager (sp be damned) kind of way.
I have been having a few thoughts like these. I think some of that may be due to the narcotics. But... in order to get my knee back it will require total dedication to the PT. If I can extend that to the rest of my body I can be in much better shape than before.

As far as the bike I already had some stuff on the way to prep it for the Tuareg so yeah will be doing a lot of rally prep over the winter. The Tuareg is out of course but there will be other rallies.

I don't plan on being in riding shape for Sandblast but I am planning on going down and volunteering. Hope to see a bunch of you there!

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