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Look harder, it wasn't trolley tracks, it was an unintentional stoppie to avoid slamming in to the idiot running across traffic. If you watch it a couple times you can clearly see someone run directly in front of him from the right and keep on going out the left side. Kudos to the rider (and the brakes) for reacting that quickly even if did mean going all the way over the bars. Unfortunately the person that actually caused the accident probably just kept on going.

Look harder still... at about 0:15 or 0:16, if you look at the road along the left trolley rail, you can see some missing asphalt along the rail a couple of feet before where the bike landed. Likely a combination of two. When he reacted and got on the brakes HARD, his front tire also got trapped in this missing asphalt. If you look close at the video you can that his bike is pretty much lined up with that left trolley rail.

I wish I knew how to do a screen grab from youtube... I'd post it up.

Edit: Also visible near the orange shoe at around :051.
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