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Originally Posted by abhibeckert View Post
Unfortunately the data is crap. Until/unless they improve that, this new app is almost as useless as the old one.

It's a bit of a tempest in a teapot really, there are great third party GPS/mapping apps available and no serious map user ever used the built in google maps app. Now there is a new built in app and we will continue not using it.
I think this sort of nails it. I was sort of upset when I heard the news because I really loved Googles maps. I didn't upgrade my phone but I did upgrade my iPad just to experiment. At first I didn't like it but probably just because it was different. I think that the platform it's built on, vectors, is going to be a huge advantage over Google once they upgrade the data. Google has had a huge head start and they've been mining iPhone users for years so you should expect it.

But, the 3d function is pretty sensational. It's gimmicky in the cities with flyover but it's cool. In many ways it's way cooler than Googles street view. But the 3d view of landscapes is fantastic. It's crazy fast to be able to spin the map at 45 around a point. Imagine trying to do that with a topo? In exploring dirt roads and mountain passes that I've ridden it gave really valuable information as to the grades, hills and valleys. It's sort of incredible really. I think once you play with this and explore (much like Google Earth but far faster and easier) you'll see value in it. Take it for a spin down your favorite road and see what you think.

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