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Originally Posted by 6USMC6 View Post
I've been using 11 mil climbing rope for the past 25 years or so, only switching to straps two years ago when I bought my Hennessy. Recently (because I had a coupon) I bought an ENO Doublenest along with a set of their Slap Straps for my daughter. The first time I used the straps, I felt that it was much better for setup than the Tree Huggers. I was going to order a set of their Atlas Straps to replace my Tree Huggers but based on the photo above, now I am not so sure.

Are there straps like the Slap Straps or the Atlas Straps (i.e., same principle) that are better/wider/better construction?
IIRC, the Kamock Python straps are like the Slap Straps without the stretch. Don't know what the width of the strap is though.

What I like, for simplicity, is an OnRope1 Cinch Buckle and Webbing strap with a biner or Dutch Clip. Setup is toss the strap around the tree and clip on the biner, stretch the hammock to the other tree, toss the strap around the tree and clip on the biner then pull the webbing to center and set sag. I've got my HHED setup with 1" buckle and straps. Would like to move to a wider strap to reduce the pressure on the tree as OnRope1 has a 1-3/4" cinch buckle and webbing but Dutch doesn't make a clip that wide. I would think that a biner would constrict a 1-3/4" strap a bit much, unless I could find a rectangular wire gate biner rather than the angled biners that common

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