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Originally Posted by tattoogunman View Post
This same topic came up in (Two Wheeled Texan) and I'll say here what I said there (more or less). I was in law enforcement for 16 years and as already stated, here in the U.S., it's more or less illegal in most places. Since the OP said they don't care about that, I'll go to my second point and a few people have already hit on it.

Let's face it - right, wrong, or indifferent and regardless of what you ride, there is a stigma in this country against/towards motorcyclists. When people are sitting in traffic in their “cages”, the last thing they want to see is someone flying by them on the shoulder on their bike effectively “skipping line” as someone on here has already stated. Oh I get it, don’t get me wrong – I totally get the urge to want to do it. But let us be a bit civil (if that’s the right word to use here) and think about what we are doing. All you’re doing is pissing off everyone else on the road and then people wonder why people have an attitude towards motorcyclists. I got lambasted on Twtex for saying the same thing. People complained about everything from bikes overheating to being hot in their gear as excuses to break the law and get ahead of everyone else in traffic or other situations.

As has already been said – you’re going to ride however it is you decide to ride on a given day. But all I would ask is that you think about what you’re doing and then justify why you’re any different than any other motor VEHICLE on the road that is expected to obey the traffic laws. Just because you are on two or three wheels instead of four does not give you any more right to break the law than anyone else. Do it and expect to pay the potential consequences. If you can justify it on whatever level you want to justify it, that’s fine, but it doesn’t make it right. And no, during the times that I have had a motorcycle, I've never done it and don't plan to ever do it

Since the formatting of this post is awful to read, I'll give the cliffs:

1) Some people get pissy at filtering because it means someone is getting ahead of them.
2) There are laws in some places that make filtering technically illegal.

My comments:
1) Jealousy isn't a good thing but some folks let it become a big part of their lives.
2) Just because it's technically illegal doesn't mean it's wrong.
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