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Originally Posted by LittleRedToyota View Post
unless you run the red light, skipping to the front of the line holds the line up relative to what would have happened had you not skipped to the front of the line.

if it's only you, and you nail the throttle the instant the light changes (and the 1st car in line would not have done the same), the hold up is very short and probably has no real effect.

if skipping line becomes common place and you have several bikes doing it or you don't nail it the instant the light changes, the hold up starts to have an effect.

if one car does not make it through the light because of your skipping line that would have made it through the light had you not skipped line, you have negatively impacted another in a selfish act--which is lame.

You totally forgot about the cars behind where our rider would have been if he stayed back in the pack. The bike filtering and escaping quickly off the front might allow that car previously 15th in line to get through the light whereas he might not have if the bike had stayed in the 14th spot and trundled through behind the other cars. This is more likely to happen than the process of the bike holding up traffic that you suggest - unless our hero on the bike is a slug off the line of course

Scooting to the front frees up an extra space behind, see...! You forgot to factor that in.
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