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Originally Posted by Aghartha View Post
One thing to note is that most, if not all, Android phones can connect to your computer as a simple USB device. No need to sync with anything. Then you can drag and drop music, movies, or image files as if it were any other USB drive. I can't do that on my wifes iPhone or my iPod touch (that I'm aware of). Not a deal breaker for most but it's the way I prefer.

Any music you have in whatever folder on your computer (even the iTunes Music folder) can be dragged to the Android. Assuming they aren't locked down by DRM, and even then there's plenty of ways around that.

There's also no real need to tinker with an Android device, but you can if you want. Root it and go nuts but make sure you have your contacts and files backed up. The Google Play store keeps track of the apps you've installed so you can reinstall them easily if you have to reset your phone and start from scratch.

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THAT right there is why I avoid Apple anything.

Way off topic, but I'm waiting to get a Nokia Windows Phone. After playing with a friends Nokia 900 Windows phone, holy cow it was nice.
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