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Originally Posted by ThomasVolomitz View Post
Thought you might like that one.

Still love my XS650's but will be buying a Guzzi [850/1100?], next year - for towing the trailer
Found the 650's too light in power for towing purposes, or is it that Bev just likes too many creatures comforts when we go away together?
Going to hang onto the two [650's], I've got registered & on the road, but might knock out two or three to finance my existing projects,

1969 L5T, 100cc, high/low ratio gearbox, 12volt system with an electric start!, first bike I learnt to ride on [not this one]

Gotta get this going again too, 1989 Argo 6x6 Amphibious, a whole lotta fun, used it when I was a fencing contractor, use to get us into some real rough country that most other fencers never went.
So that's a little of what I'm up to, I'll still be posting on here though, next rally is 20/21 Oct - down in Victoria @ Edi, 'Spaghetti Rally' - Moto Guzzi rally but a great bunch of people to party with!
1981 XS650SH "Tourer" [ For Sale - 2015], 1975 XS650B "Adventure" ['Kenny Krazyhorse'], 1982 XL500R 'Project' x2 [for sale], DT175 [new projects] x 2
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