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Since I've already done a ride report on this ride before...

I'll keep my comments short.
"This was my first ride with my new friend redog1, and my 3rd "big" ride ever. (I may have left the fact I just learned to ride a motorcycle in early August of this year out of the conversation until we were starting to hit the trail).. Short pause as he surveys the situation, "Well your young and that bike is light, you ready?" -You bet!"

I have to admit I was a little surprised when I found out my riding partner on this day only had 2 MONTHS OF RIDING EXPERIENCE., really? I could have changed the ride right then but left it up to him as to how far he wanted to get into this. I'll also say that he did an admiral job for being a N00B. Neither of us had a tip over, there was no whining and he motored on like a trooper and should be proud of what he accomplished. This isn't a ride for a beginner.

Leaving Spring Valley Lake and getting started on some of the more difficult part of the trail.

More than enough rocks and boulders to negotiate on this ride.

Getting ready to come down the steps. That rock right where Jeramie is standing is where I almost rode off of the first time I rode this ride with Lucasleader in July. tI would not have been a good outcome. About a 2' to 2 1/2 ft drop.

I have to insert the usual disclaimer here, pics do not do justice, blah blah blah.


This next series of 5 pics are of Jeramie coming down the hill that's in the video he posted. Seems somebody wasn't paying attention to his GPS and took a wrong turn. The pics were taken before I realized my mistake . It was a workout (at least for me) to get my pig turned around at the bottom of the little ravine we went down. As I was coming up the hill my rear tire began spinning against a rock. I was trying to keep the front end down while saying to myself, "come on baby bite, come on bite, grab that rock, it did and up comes the front, stay on it, whew" I was as good as out and sweating like the pig I was riding. Had to wait for a few minutes for the clutch to cool down at the top.

I'm thinking as I go down this hill that non of it looked familiar. I wandered around a bit as I was waiting for Jeramie to come down and knew something was wrong. We discussed it and looked at the gps and I saw that I had missed the turn we were supposed to take. There was a waypoint right where it should have been telling me the direction to go IF I WOULD HAVE BEEN PAYING ATTENTION TO THE GPS!!!! Moral here is, why do the homework if your not going to turn it in? Sometimes I can be such a dumb shit.
Anyways... back on route we rode by Long Lake.

Anyone who read my ride report will recognize this series of pics. I took the same ones of Lucasleader, the difference is on this day it was chewed up a lot more from the rock crawlers. No slam here, it was fun and that's what this area is about. It is an OHV area. It is a LOT steeper than it looks.

and very loose where he's at..

The south entrance to the OHV area

Rock Creek

Why I ride, I love the outdoors. It is my church and my therapy. Helps me maintain my sanity in this crazy world.

I'm done, I took no more pics. I may chime as this progresses. Great job Jeramie.
Ride on.
No, I don't know where that road goes, let's find out!
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