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I'm starting to get the anti-HD vibe

I just got back from a trip to NC where I rode the BRP, the Cherohala, the Tail of the Dragon, and tons of other great roads. I ride a Buell Ulysses and I went with a group of guys on cruisers, mostly of the HD persuasion. First off, I had a great time. The weather was great and the scenery was beautiful. For the most part, the riding was great too. However, I did have a couple of pretty frustrating experiences.

Let me say, that I don't consider myself a fast rider. I am sure there are many on here who would leave me in the dust. Still, I do enjoy a spirited pace. I have done most of my riding alone or with buddies on HDs, but I also have friends who ride a variety of other bikes like a Triumph Speed Triple, a BMW K1200S, an SV650, and other various bikes. Anyway, the group I rode to NC with has a variety of riders in it who enjoy vastly different riding styles and I usually end up in the front with one or two other guys mostly keeping up.

What frustrated me, though, was that on the BRP I got behind a couple of Goldwings enjoying the scenery at a very sedate pace, but they refused to pull over and let me by. I ended up behind them for miles, till they finally got where they were going. Every other bike I came up on (and cars too) pulled over and let me by, but the Goldwingers just simply refused, even when I turned my blinker on hoping they'd get the hint. I had the same thing happen to me on two runs on the Dragon the next day, except then it was couple on HD ElectraGlides. It would have been so easy for them to just pull into one of the many pull-offs that are even marked for that purpose. But no, they putted along barely fast enough to keep the bikes upright. I would have passed them, but there was a line of about six bikes and I didn't think I could do it safely.

So, anyway, now I get what everyone gripes about. I must say, my HD riding buddies are for the most part fast enough not to clog up traffic and courteous enough to pull over if they do.

Wake up America.

Pitts off.
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