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Originally Posted by DynaSport View Post
What frustrated me, though, was that on the BRP I got behind a couple of Goldwings enjoying the scenery at a very sedate pace, but they refused to pull over and let me by. I ended up behind them for miles, till they finally got where they were going. Every other bike I came up on (and cars too) pulled over and let me by, but the Goldwingers just simply refused, even when I turned my blinker on hoping they'd get the hint. I had the same thing happen to me on two run.s on the Dragon the next day, except then it was couple on HD ElectraGlides. It would have been so easy for them to just pull into one of the many pull-offs that are even marked for that purpose. But no, they putted along barely fast enough to keep the bikes upright. I would have passed them, but there was a line of about six bikes and I didn't think I could do it safely.
I experienced the same thing every time I've been to the Dragon on a busy day. It wasn't just HD riders though... lots of cars do the same thing. You can ride their ass for the entire 11 miles and they won't use one of the pull offs. Its like they don't even know (or care) that you're there. I think it got better once they paved the pull-offs, but I've still had lots of issues with slow pokes. I avoid the place now during the busy times, plus I've learned where I can pull off, wait a few minutes, then go and get a clear 11 mile pass... if I'm lucky... its amazing how fast you catch up to people even if you are only going 10-15 mph faster. Very frustrating.
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