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Originally Posted by It'sNotTheBike View Post
That's because the intersection of the following two sets :

1) the set of people who have read the work of Douglas Adams

2) the set of people who ride dirt bikes

is vanishingly small.
For real! No worries though I'm a bookworm a lot are not.

@nobrakes: Thanks! Already looking at doing the next one in two weeks. There are 2 races though, one is a hare scramble the other is an enduro. As I'm talking about extra short/short/long course and debating the enduro and wanting to do the extra short course(25 miles) and other bros are quoting that in the middle I get...

I like how you guys give him the mileage for the Extra-Short classes. LOL I didn't realize Jason was a woman or under 16.
lmao, dicks. I would have shown up for extra short but yeah nope guess who's running the short course(45 miles).
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