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Originally Posted by RocketMoto View Post

The SM10 can live under the seat or in a fairing pocket. It's intended to run on an internal rechargeable battery, and affix to the handlebar. An optional cigarette lighter plug is available. Now, since Sena never asked me how this product should be designed, there are a couple of things about running it under the seat. First, you may need to play with the location to insure good Bluetooth reception between headset and SM10 - not a big deal.

The power switch is a slide on/off arrangement, not a 'soft switch' like on the SR10 2-way radio adapter. We can modify the cigarette plug into a very neat arrangement for connecting direct to bike power. This is better for a hidden install. Only thing is that when the bike power is switched off, the SM10 will continue to stay on from the internal battery until it's exhausted. The SR10, OTOH switches off when bike power is turned off - again, not a biggie.

The SM10 includes a couple of 3.5mm audio leads. These are coiled and about 20" long, stretched. If you power the SM10 from the bike, and your GPS or radar is powered from the bike, you need a ground loop isolator between audio device and SM10, and plugs that into a 3.5mm coupler, ala Radio Shack. We have both mono and stereo Autocom ground loop isolators that'll work. You'll need these (or similar) to eliminate ground hum, alternator whine and possible damage to one device or the other.

Make sense?
Absolutely makes sense. Thanks Adam. Now to decide if I really want to open this can of worms
If I was to choose to park it in a tankbag, powered by the onboard powerlet style socket on my Triumph does that still require a ground loop isolator? Seems like a simpler route. Yes?
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