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Originally Posted by phillipsrog View Post
This would be a ditto, but I put the 685 kit in my KLR to fix the oil burning issues in the 08 model before selling it for an 800XC. I can see where he's coming from in some regards. In first and second gear, there's not a huge difference in power between the two considering the Tiger has considerably more CCs and horsepower.
Sadly, first gear appears to come from the 675cc version of the engine. And is great for the Super Sport style bike, but on the Tiger doing a 0-60 in first gear is not a priority. A much lower first, and slightly lower second gear a bit lower. I would have to guess, doing such may have required more space in the crank case for the gears ????

Originally Posted by phillipsrog View Post
but there are lots of us that made the KLR to Tiger switch, and I think it's a safe bet that few, if any, are switching back.
Yeah, I think that would be safe to say for me at least!

Originally Posted by llamapacker View Post
Went to Alaska this June on the ST, passed a lot of KLRs stuck behind RVs pulling campers, pretty nice to have the power to pass the whole string.
Luckily when I did Alaska in '10, I did not get stuck too much behind slower traffic. Only once or twice.

But, went through the Eisenhower Tunnel, and at 12,000', on a stock KLR 650, well, the best she would do was about 45 on the way up.

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