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Originally Posted by pretbek View Post
I call utter bullshit on everyone who gets all huffy about people who illegally filter because it is against the law.

What, do you always drive at or under the speed limit? No? Then explain to me the difference.

I think filtering mostly offends people's sense of "fairness", that filterers are "jumping the line".
That's fine, valid explanation of the strong emotions. But the against-the-law argument is instantly moot if you ever speed.
When discussing it here in theory you are entirely correct, practicing it in the real world is a different matter.

Think about it,
If I choose to go 5 or 10 mph over the limit on the freeway who will notice? in many places that is the norm and expected.
Here In Seattle I may see someone split lanes on the freeway 2 or 3 times a year and I'm on the road 8 to10 hours a day.
If I choose to split lanes through a traffic jam, it's an action that stands out from everything else, every car I pass is going to notice it with the knowledge that it's illegal and they will see it in the same light they would a rider stunting on the street. It's not normal, expected or accepted.

When permitted, the benefits of splitting and filtering far outweigh any additional risk or hurt feelings, even where illegal there are going to be times where it's going to be necessary or prudent, and the negatives have also been covered.
All I'm really trying to say is we should acknowledge that when we choose to not follow the law we are in the wrong, and do it with discretion, reserving it for when really necessary. We shouldn't be using "safety" as an excuse to do it habitually, thats no better than the "loud pipes save lives" crowd, were not fooling anybody but ourselves when we do.

Think about how we talk about car drivers making "bad choices" here, then think about how the other 99% of the people on the road are talking about us when we make "bad choices" Mostly it's about perception, not the actual outcome..

We as riders need to do a better job, and think about our future before we make those choices.
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