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Originally Posted by royal View Post
This has nothing to do with Harley Davidsons and everything to do with the riders. As you said, it happened to you with a couple of Goldwings. So, should we now rant on Honda ?
I totally agree that it is the riders, not the bikes. I've owned a HD for the past nine years, so I certainly don't hate HD. In fact, when I'd read all the posts about slow HD riders, I wondered what they were talking about. But the last couple of years I have experienced it more often, and while the riders are not always on HDs, it does seem to often be the case. That is probably because most of the bikes I see on the roads are HD.

I really don't care how slow you ride. I just wish you'd make way when someone overtakes you. Especially on roads that have very few safe places to pass. At one point, the guys on the Dragon must have had over 20 bikes and several cars strung out behind them. One of the passengers even turned around and took a photo of it.

As far as pulling over to let the slow bikes get further ahead, I have tried that in years past and it hardly ever works long. For one thing, while you are waiting for the slow riders to get further ahead, more slow riders go past. Then, as someone else said, it is amazing how fast you catch back up to them anyway. Maybe I'm faster than I realized after all.
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