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I call utter bullshit on everyone who gets all huffy about people who illegally filter because it is against the law.

What, do you always drive at or under the speed limit? No? Then explain to me the difference.

Your "logic" above fails because you assume that since both are illegal there is no other
difference. But there is a huge difference in the hazard presented by speeding
slightly vs. filtering. Obviously you are unable to understand this so I am going to explain it
for you.

When a bike "filters" in an area where filtering is not permitted by law, the bike is
doing something which many drivers __would not expect to happen__.

Filtering is significantly different from going a few mph over the speed limit,
because the vehicle which is speeding slightly will still be doing what most
of the drivers on the road expect it to do; it will still occupy the lane in which
it is traveling, and will not present surprises to other motorists, many of whom
may themselves be speeding slightly. But speeding does not cause their vehicles
to be in a radically different position from what would be expected, and filtering

Some of the drivers who are pissed off at you because you filtered might not be not pissed off
because they are jealous -- they might well be pissed off because your bike appeared
out of nowhere and they nearly hit you and it scared them. And they are not the ones
who are wrong, you are when you filter in an area where the law prohibits it. See, the law
is the set of rules which allows society to operate, and if you want to live in society you
don't get to pick which laws you like and ignore the rest; that's not how it works.

The only bullshit here is your flawed logic and your apparent insistence on filtering
because you feel entitled to do it. Filtering is a bad idea not because it is illegal, but because
hazard which would not have been there if all the motorists on the road
were doing what was expected of them. This problem is not limited to filtering : we
have all been surprised by someone who changes lanes without using a turn signal.
On a public road, surprise is a bad thing and predictability is a good thing.

If you really want to filter, work to get the law changed and when filtering is legal the
other drivers will expect it, and you can filter safely because it will be expected.


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