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Originally Posted by Rydah View Post
Problem with smartphones is you don't have as powerful a GPS radio as on a stand alone unit, so reception can be an issue. Also, data plan usage can get costly when navigating this way.
I must disagree with this to some extent. It will vary with the devices of course.
All Android phones that I have seen include cell tower assistance and even Google location services that get you near your location if they see WiFi. Those location assistance services 'kick start' the GPS hardware so that it can locate you very quickly off of the satellites.
And many new devices, like my Galaxy SIII have chip sets that not only locate you by GPS, but also by Glonass. So here I am, sitting indoors, and seeing 18 satellites. Not something you are going to see from a normal GPS reciever. Needless to say the satellite lock was very quick and it is a very accurate location.

As for mine. I have a charge cable and a handlebar clip. Not waterproof though. I use OSMand, NAV free, and CoPilot, for maps on my device that don't need a network connection. Plus of course Google and Bing maps when online. I haven't used my Garmin in a long time.

The challenge for me is getting a screen that is visible in sunlight, modifying gloves to work with the touch screen, and the waterproofing.

I like having multiple versions of software maps to choose from in front of me.
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