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Had two guys on GS's do worst one is already in the flow of traffic (left lane) and his buddy is turning into the flow from a parking lot he then zooms by me (Iwas in the right lane) and both proceed to slow down and do a rolling road block in front of me one in each lane, this JO went out of his way to form a a rolling road block, so up the middle I went between them. They didn't care for that, but I really didn't give a damn what they thought of it and maybe they wont try that crap again around here. Anyway it happens with all types, I just got back from a trip and had local pulling up fast on me and I pulled over as fast as I could to let him by and he gave me a friendly toot and wave. I admit though the HD people tend to ride slower than I like, but I ride alone for the most part anyway, with that said what those idiots did on the GS's was worse than any slow HD guy's I've come across.
In 2009 I rode 18,589 miles on an island that's 72 miles long. That's 50 miles a day everyday for 365 days. I think I'll go home now. 97k miles and still riding my YouTube Channel
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