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Day 16 Oct 2 431 kms Wheatland WY to Sheridan WY

The weather was supposed to be cool this morning, so I put my jacket liner back in, put on an extra shirt, went outside to load the bike, and it was quite warm out. Sweet. I kept the gear on anyhow, and headed north. The old bike was running good, no missing, so the new plugs must have solved the problem.

About 10 miles out of town, I could feel a slight miss again. Crap! As I carried on, the miss got worse. I stopped to check the points and timing. It all seemed OK.

Hmmm……. Works good when cold…. Misses when warm…….? Gotta be either a coil or condenser. I got a condenser with the points in Albuquerque, but I have heard of new ones being bad . I pulled into Douglas, WY, found an autoparts store, and asked if there was a place in town that sold Harley parts. Yep, Vinni’s body shop is a bike shop as well.

I head over there, go in, explain that I would like a condenser, and I might need a coil if that doesn’t work. Vinni hands over a condenser and new points, which were a better quality set than the ones I had, and he says he has a new coil……. somewhere, and starts looking around the shop. He can’t find it, so I tell him I will try the points and condenser, and if the bike is still have missing, I will try to find a coil in the next town.

I head out to install the parts, and after a bit, Vinni comes out, checks out my old bike, and we get to talking bikes. We talk as I work on the bike. He gives me a hand, and we talk bikes some more. I explain what it’s doing and he says “Coil.”


“Coil! If it gets worse when the bike warms up, it’s probably the coil.”

He goes back looking for a coil, can’t find one, and says “I’ll ask my brother if I can borrow the one off his bike”, and away he goes.

He comes back and says he found a used coil beside his brothers bike and I can have if it works. It tests OK, so I pull mine.Sure enough, there is a crack in it. I install his, and the bike fires right up. Sweet!

We talk bikes some more, look at his bikes and some of the projects he is working on. I wash up, ready to make a mile, and we talk some more. I am finally getting ready to go, and as Vinni is walking me to my bike, his friend Brian shows up, and we start talking bikes, and the Buell chopper he is building, and I check out the customised touring bike he is riding (Niiiice). About 2 and a half hours after I met Vinni, I am on the road, with a bike that is not missing anymore. (it took about half an hour to install the parts J )

Vinni pointing out cool stuff on one of his bikes.

His friends cherry Knucklehead

Vinni owns “Vinni’s Body Shop” in Douglas Wyoming and does body work, custom bike work and repairs amongst other things. A great guy who does great work. If you are travelling through, look him up. If you are having problems he can help you out, and he is lots of fun to talk with.

By the time I am on the road, it is getting hot out. I have lots of clothes on still, and am really feeling the heat, even with the wind.

I ride through Casper, heading North towards Buffalo.

Sometimes I find myself delayed, not from meeting people, or not paying enough attention to the needs of an old motorcycle, but from not paying enough attention, period. While riding towards Buffalo, I pulled into the town of KayCee, WY. There was a sign saying no services for 35 miles, and although I had plenty of gas to make it, I thought I would top up anyhow. I pull into the gas station, a small, credit card only station with no store open. I put in my card, grab the nozzle, hit the button, no gas comes out. I am dicking around, push another button , the one far to the right near the nozzle, the most expensive one (I have been running premium) and start pumping. I fill the left tank, go to put the nozzle in the right tank, and get the feeling that something is wrong. You know when it’s not right, but you are not sure why. I stop, look at what I am doing….. why is there another nozzle on the same pump? Why is this nozzle green? Because it’s diesel, you stupid ass!!


I push the bike off to the side, walk over to the general store a little ways away for a container to drain the gas/diesel into. They have no containers, but have gallons of water for a dollar. (cheaper than buying a container) not knowing how much fuel I have in the tank, I buy a gallon of water, have a drink and dump the water on the ground. I fill the bottle, go back to the store, buy another gallon of water, have a drink, dump the water, fill the bottle, go back, buy another bottle, drink, dump, fill. The third bottle is half full and the tank is empty. I stash the bottles in a safe place, fill the bike with GAS, and hit the road.

I ride the 35 miles to Buffalo, have a bite to eat and ride to Sheridan for the night.

It was hotter the heck in Sheridan when I got here. It’s supposed to cool off tomorrow and be downright cold in Montana for the next few days. We’ll see how THAT goes J
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