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I wake up refreshed and ready for the road. Side note: I'm one of those people who, when pointed home at the end of trip, just want to get there. I'd done the math & thought it was just too damned far.

What do you think?

So basically I rode rt95 south for something approaching a decade. Just 180mi or so btw fill ups and a granola bar. Somewhere along the way I figured out how to eat those little packets of cheesie cracker while riding down the highway. Just when I thought all was going well, I hit NYC. At 4:45pm. On Friday. Jesus, that took a while...

Saw this along the way, but didn't take many other pics on the endless highway...

Then traffic hell in NJ. (I've repeatedly sworn to never travel through this hateful state... Nothing good happens on these hateful highways...)

Long story short, I rolled back into my driveway sometime well after dark and as tired as I can ever remember being. And the personal record I set of 14.5hrs in the saddle & something around 820mi is one that I don't mind not breaking for a while...

PS: I will now spend the rest of this RR hating HBN for getting more time off work than I could... Bastard...
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