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Originally Posted by It'sNotTheBike View Post
Yeah, right up until the F-350 with dual rear wheels suddenly changes lanes and crushes
the legs of the filtering rider. Then maybe it doesn't look like common sense
as much as it looks like a call-out for the MBB helicopter on life flight duty.

( the preceding is a hypothetical scenario intended to illustrate that riding like an idiot
may have dire consequences which seem to appear suddenly though they can often be predicted
well in advance if you bother to think about what you are doing )

Exactly how the fuck is your mythical dually going to change lanes when everyone is already stopped and packed in like sardines at an intersection?

I filtered and shared for years every day through central Phoenix and I never saw anything close to what you're saying.

And to "crush" it would have to roll over.

When I was sharing if someone would have moved over it would have been uncomfortable and maybe left a few bruises, but crush?

Give me a fucking break.

Edit: Why the fuck did I even bother writing that?

You are just some chickenshit fucktard that doesn't even bother to list ANYTHING about themselves in their profile.

Feel free to go fuck yourself.
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