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I placed an order with them June 4th. A total of @ 10 items. 7 were in stock. A month later I receive 4 items and some of them were the out of stock items. Paid the USPS bill of $35.00.
Two weeks later I ask them where the rest of the order is; vague respopnse.
A month later the rest of the items arrive shipped via UPS. They wanted $110.00 for shipping and border fees. I said "send it back!" to the delivery guy.
Two weeks later no one has any idea where the box is. Is it with UPS or in their own warehouse.
I make another call and recieve more vague and very clueless answers. I say " cancel my order and refund my credit card". Oh, they just happen to have found my order sitting in the warehouse. I asked them if they would ship it to me express post and eat the charges. They said yes. Got it 5 days later.
This turned out to be a game for me, to see how inept their departments were. I gather that they haven't a clue whats going on in the warehouse.
12 weeks to get my order, buyer beware!
In a child like way it was fun yelling at them .
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