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Originally Posted by vtwin View Post
The problem with most european cars is that they have to use premium. My Audi and my brother's Mercedes both need super to run and even so, they are both gutless. My Audi only has the 2.8 V6, but only returns 22 mpg. Not really very good. Factor in the cost of premium over regular and may as well say it gets 19mpg, averaging the cost factor. My brother's E series with the straight 3.0L six doesn't do any better. And it's relatively gutless as well.
This is very true...but in this case I meant the diesels! My X3 has the 6 cyclinder twin turbo diesel, not gas.

But you're main reason I wouldn't buy most Euro gas cars in the USA though would be what you mention. This is a bit of a hijack, but what blows my mind when I went home to Wisco last time was this issue. My mom needed a new car (she ended up with a Subaru Forester) but looked at BMW cars.

She had liked my 316i with its awesome drive and 35-36mpg highway mileage. I show up the stealer and he's basically like "we don't do those here, only 328i and up". Can't believe BMW and others can't make money off their small engined models that use standard gas and get upwards of 40mpg these days. I suppose they would import them if they'd make money, but it still kills me when I think the product range available elsewhere.
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