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Zazoos, there has been an excellent technical discussion on this board about the principles and functioning of the Uclear, and the detected flaws there were never answered to full satisfaction by the vendor. I believe it was indeed in the vendor thread. Some very smart remarks were made there.
I guess the reason for other noises being filtered out is not that they are blocked, but they simply are not even detected since they origin from without the zone it detects any noises in.
If you would have read other posts on this forum about the uclear, you would have found that in general, remarks are all the same. The sound does seem muffled, but on the other hand, it's boomless.
There is no perfect device yet to be purchased although some seem to have less problems, flaws or deficiencies then others. It is just a matter of what deficiency bothers you most, and what feature you like most that drives the decision.
I have the Scala G4 Powerset, own it for about almost 2 years, and still have no clue whatever I am doing when on the bike trying to operate the damn thing. So what works for John, might not work for Hank. It's personal. One thing do they all have in general: none of them are perfect.
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