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Some of the drivers who are pissed off at you because you filtered might not be not pissed off because they are jealous -- they might well be pissed off because your bike appeared out of nowhere and they nearly hit you and it scared them.
These would be the same drivers who are no doubt so immersed in their own little world as to not be aware of what's going on around them? I don't see how they can hit you if they are stopped at a light.

This problem is not limited to filtering : we have all been surprised by someone who changes lanes without using a turn signal. On a public road, surprise is a bad thing and predictability is a good thing.
You mean the driver who is again not paying attention to their surroundings. And by that I mean the person changing lanes as well as the one who is being surprised.

It is a sense of entitlement that causes drivers to get pissed off by filtering. If they didn't feel like they "owned" the road it wouldn't bother them. A bike going 1 or 2 MPH past a bunch of stopped cars does not put the car drivers or rider in danger.

The legality of it is a different matter. If it is illegal where you are and you do it, it is breaking the law. Same as speeding. Same as texting or talking on a cell. Some laws make sense, some less so. It wasn't so long ago that we had laws based on race. Would you argue those laws were right because that was what people expected?
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