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DynaSport, well written observations and some excellent replies

It is about discourteous riders/drivers as the same thing discussed here about certain motorcyclists applies to the leaf watchers in a motorhome or bicyclists, etc., etc. Lead, follow or get the phuck out of the way

For the folks that always look for an extreme example to justify "rolling road blocks" or are smug in the fact "they are not speeding", unless it is an actual Parade or Funeral Procession, etc., most states have traffic rules that in some verbiage or another addresses speed less than reasonable and prudent, obstructing/impeding traffic, preventing safe passing, staying to the right unless passing and required use of pull offs when "X" amount of vehicle stack up behind you, etc. It's possible some have never experienced the conditions the OP fairly and accurately described, but it is not a matter of "him" doing race track speeds while the "slow pokes" share the road at the speed limit, they are situations where for miles their poor riding skills and/or attitude most often displayed at well below posted limits while operating their vehicle on a shared public way, are continually presented and are unsafe in their own way to other traffic.

All that aside, how hard can it be to just let other traffic by and then continue to do your own ride.

Safe travels...
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