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Originally Posted by alcanrider View Post
After living for 9 years in both Alaska and Florida, it makes me laugh to go back to Florida and see all the big to do about 70mph winds. They would be shocked to see how many times a year the Anchorage area experiences hurricane force winds. It is almost a weekly occurrence down at Turnagain Pass. Totally miss living up there and can't wait to get back. The long Winters didn't bother me, but the fact we only had one day above 70F (Anchorage) and bunches of rain, kind of left me longing for warmer climes. I know I jumped to soon, and the weather like everything else will change. There are also lots of places to live up there that have nice sunny Summers. Anchorage used to have them, but el nino la ninia or something like that completely hijacked the last two Summers I lived there. Now I am living back in humid hell, and am hating it. I seriously forgot how hot it gets down here. I will take the Winters even though the riding season for bikes is so small.
Sorry to comment so much. Thanks for posting and Alaska is beautiful.
There's a hell of a lot of land between Alaska and Florida. Ever been to New England or Pa? lot like Irealand.
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