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Originally Posted by Strong Bad View Post
This is my first Beemer and I have no clue as to history and what came with what bike on what year. I think that an over all gear change came in 08 for both the GS & GSA. I did buy a lower gear ratio final drive to make it a bit easier to get moving. Not that it was really that hard to begin with, but I also didn't need gearing for 125 mph either. I suppose if you were loaded for bear and had stopped on a hill in San Francisco you might flog the clutch to get moving, but normal driving, fairly loaded, no need to abuse the clutch.
I didn't realize there was a lower geared FD available for the 1200? There WAS a 3.0 FD at Max BMW, but I haven't seen it on thier site for a while. The stock ratio change in '08 was pretty insignificant (IIRC < 2%) and even the 3.0 is only 3% lower. The lower 1st gear in the GSA "enduro" trans makes the biggest difference.
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