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Tuesday 9/4
Time to hit the road. One of the Advantages of a tour, is no real packing, just leave the suitcase in the lobby, and it magically appears in your room at the next hotel! Saddle bags never came off, all we had to carry was helmets, and the tank bag at night.

We were headed to Kaysersburg for the night, via the Schwarzwald (Black Forest). Weather was again cool, hazy and overcast, but dry.

We headed out of Zurich and were soon into Germany and the Schwarzwald. We rode along taking all the small roads we could find, even though traffic was non-existent on the bigger roads, you just see more, and the small roads have a way of slowing things down, have a more relaxed feel, and that is what vacations are all about .

Just a taste of a small road.

We wandered along, extending the trip to catch as many good roads as we could find.

Stopped for a nice lunch at a place with a lakeside view.

We resumed traveling on, yup more small back roads. We stopped along, check that in the road for a bottle of water and to soak in the countryside. In Ĺ hour or so we relaxed we had maybe 4 other vehicles go by.

We arrived in Kaysersberg, which is one of our favorite towns in the area, we passed through in í07, and when we went back to the area in í09, we spent 5 nights here. Touristy, yes and no, It is small enough that you donít get the feel of a tourist town, but you do get the variety of shops restaurants, lodging etc. Luckily, for the charge card, we did not get to town until after the shops were closed, so the wife did not have the opportunity to shop

Those that are fans of the Tour De France and historians, we stayed in a Hotel that was run by Roger Hassenforder, a professional cyclist in the 50ís and 60ís and won several stages of the race, and wore the yellow shirt for a few days in his career.

Rooms were typical small town Europe, well-appointed but small.

A morning walk through town, where I had the streets to myself for the most part. A very picturesque town.

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