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Originally Posted by mknight View Post
Josh doesn't have an account or post here on advrider, but I wanted to share a post of his from Facebook since that his primary means of communicating with people:

Well the Six Days is officially over, we finally made it back to our house! The ISDE was the toughest thing i've done in my whole life both mentally, physically and emotionally! But i also had the time of my life and enjoyed every minute of it! I would just like to thank every single person that helped in any small way! I would have never made it there or through without the help of donations, sponsors and any participation or help with my fundraiser! I thank all of you!!!
When I was Josh's age I came home from school and rode my Honda Elsinore 125 (yes, it was a while ago... ) until it was too dark to see. I watched motocross, read about the ISDE, devoured Dirt Bike magazine, and could only dream of something like actually doing the ISDE. What an amazing story, thanks for sharing it in so much detail, and to Josh - what an incredible thing to be able to accomplish at such a young age!
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