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Well well well

Hey guys,
I have recently voted for no fail for 40K-60K. In to the 2000km of my estimated 12K EU+Morocco tour, at 72K on the clock, charging started to fail. My recebntly installed voltmeter showed below 13 when I slow down somewhere in Montenegro I guess. When I reved up it would go back to 14.1. If it was above 14V I could turn on my additional 2*55W lights, no problemo it would stay up. If I slow down and let the voltage drop to 12.8 and turn the lights on, no matter how much I rev up, it would not go up. Then I had to disconnect the low beam to prevent the battery from draining when driving in the city. Finaly now, I cannot even turn the hi beam on even revved up. It bearly keeping it up over 3Krpm with no lights. The mechanic of BMW in Budapest said it was normal. There was no arguing with him so I left. I thougt I could fänd the parts in Frankfurt. Nope. They would not have either in stock. He says Munich is 3 hour drive. However, it was yesterday, today they are closed because of the national holiday some sort. Tomorrow I will let you know the verdict if I can find another internet cafe on the way. I am travelling low tech and have no mobil phone or tablet PC. Internet cafes are hard to find here. I just did not need the half of my already low vacation fund ripped off by BMW. I how it is the regulator as I suspected at the beginning but not any more. (Keboard is Q but it is germanized, sorry for any funky spalling or characters. If the verdict is the bad alternator you can take one from no failure to one fail.

Breaking news.

I have bad alternator. One phase no output, 2nd one 13V the third one is 14V. it is 600€ plus about 200€ labour. Ouch!. Part is less expensive in this country but that is compansated by expensive labour. So no matter what I am about to be raped by BMW. As the saying in Turkish (may be translated from another language) "If the rape (getting off course) is inevitable, you might as well enjoy it!"´I am trying but getting raped and having to fork out 800€ for it is making it impossible.The guy said with a poor English that he changed 3-4 of them recently at around this Km on them. And they did not have the parts. They have to order it from a wharehouse in som other citi and I have to stay here for another day. How can I now convince my people that I am here because I have to, not because I am having fun on the octoberfest with drunken ladies. By the way, As the bussiness are running away from the USA, binge drinking seems to running away from the collage fraternities to the Octoberfest in Munich. Population of American youth tops the Italian.
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