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Gerbing heated jacket liner. Get the insulated liner and it will be useful with or without the heat on and simplifies your system. You probably don't need a heated pant liner, just fleece or polypro long underwear, and if you have heated grips perhaps not gloves either unless you're going to ride in sub-freezing temps. Here's how it works... if you keep your core (torso) nice and warm, the blood will continue flowing to the extremities and they will tend to stay warm too. If you get chilled the blood flow to extremities will be reduced and you will be miserable. It's much easier to prevent than correct, so apply heat at the first sign of feeling cool rather than waiting until you're really uncomfortable. Held has their Outlast (phase change) liners on sale for $20 right now. A pair of those with a size larger glove outer may be a better option than heated gloves, especially if you have heated grips. I have heated gloves but rarely use them. And with your feet, you're better off not wearing extra thick socks if means squeezing into your boots because it will reduce blood flow to your toes. Better to use a thin polypro sock liner with medium weight wool socks that allow you to wiggle your toes freely.
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