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Originally Posted by mamm View Post
Man, judging by the reaction here, mentioning "filtering" to some Americans is akin to saying something like "I raped your underage daughter, killed her and then buttfucked her corpse."

Lighten up, fellas. All the world does it, it's no big deal. The cars stopped at the light are going nowhere, and no one dies if you filter slowly and carefully to the front.

Think about a container full of bowling balls: there's lots of empty spaces for marbles in it. And get ghis: WHEN THE MARBLES GO IN, NO BOWLING BALL LOOSES ITS SPACE! THERE'S NO "CUTTING IN LINE"!
True, but all it takes is one pissed off self centered asshat cager actively trying to run you down to make you consider not doing it again. Yes, this has happened to me.

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