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You can identify them long before you split past them. Common sense! I stay in my lane until the natural flow puts me past them and then I proceed. Rarely will it take more than a minute with the ebb and flow (rubberbanding) of traffic.

Because it's common in California most drivers are aware and just bare it. My experience is the ratio of drivers giving more room to those trying to squeeze me out is about 10 to 1 with 90% just holding their line.

Yes, I have been stopped from splitting or filtering by disgruntled drivers. It's never escalated because I avoid them after the confrontation by either falling back or getting around and leaving them well behind. I won't go past unless I'm sure I can get some distance after doing so.

It's not perfect and there are risks but there are risks riding our chosen mode of transportation. Judicious use of the privilege and you'll be just fine from my experience.

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