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Originally Posted by LittleRedToyota View Post

thinking it's OK to skip line, on the other hand, is about as clear an example of an entitlement mentality as you will find.
This seems like such a baseless argument but I will bite. How exactly is filtering on a motorcycle/scooter,etc equal to skipping in line? This isn't the DMV or Disney World where "skipping" results in someone losing their turn. This is more akin to situations where someone is dealing with a situation that is dynamically different and more difficult/dangerous than the norm. Due to this dynamic difference there is (or at least should) be an understanding that the rules may need to be different in order to ensure a safer/more comfortable journey than would be experienced if they were to be forced to adhere to the same rule set as those with advantageous assets. Would you get upset with or defend others that would get upset with people with a disability getting preferential treatment? I can't imagine anyone interpreting a person in a wheelchair being shuffled to the front of a line as them "skipping".
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