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Originally Posted by JimVonBaden View Post
I don't think anyone is discounting the benifits. We would all love to do it.

I think there is no doubt that it is illegal in most places. However, were there is disagreement is in the viability of "safely" doing it. Some say it is, some say it isn't.

Like most things, people who disagree take their point of view to extremes and refuse to listen to the other/opposite point of view. Hense, this thread, and the animosities presented here.


Hey Jim,

My post was in direct response to Windmills post. He clearly stated that a pro-safety argument was without merit.

I agree that filtering is not always safe. That is where situational awareness comes into play. If I took you on my daily commute through Miami traffic you would see where not filtering could have extremely dire consequences. One off ramp comes to mind. It is on the other side of an obstructed hill with a very brief transition from interstate speeds to full stop. I have witnessed many rear end collisions in this location and due to that I will never wait at the back of that line.

Regarding not doing it because someone may get road rage ? I'm not sure that I could ever pander to those individuals and would rather take my chances with escaping their rage after the fact than to live my life in fear of them.
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