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Originally Posted by Ginger Beard View Post
How exactly is filtering on a motorcycle/scooter,etc equal to skipping in line?
in some cases it is not. in other cases it is. here is a real world example, i have witnessed more than once (while waiting in line on my motorcycle), of when filtering really is line skipping and why some people get pissed about it.

unlike in cases where you have several lanes all going in the same direction through many lights, we have many intersections in pittsburgh that have three lanes--a left turn lane, a straight only lane, and a right turn lane.

an example is the bloomfield end of the bloomfield bridge for anyone familiar with the area. traffic can get backed up nearly all the way across that bridge (about a half mile long bridge). at the end of the bridge, the straight lane goes onto a relatively narrow street (but a major rush hour traffic route in spite of not really being able to accomodate the volume of traffic--we have a lot of streets like that here) with cars parked on both sides and another light about 1/4 mile down the road.

bikes sometimes filter through the traffic on the bridge and then pull back in front of the first car in the straight only lane to get to be first in line.

when the light turns, they go, but often cannot make it through the next light because of traffic and the timing of the lights. because the street is so narrow, they physically cannot filter. because traffic is so heavy, not everyone who had been in front of them on the bridge makes it through the light at the end of the bridge.

so, the bike is now taking up a space in line after the first light, before the 2nd light. and, as a result, one less car made it through the light at the end of the bridge.

the bike has skipped line. plain and simple. just like skipping line in any other line. it is not fair. it betrays a sense of entitlement. and, yes, it pisses people off...justifiably so.

but it is different from what many here are describing.

Would you get upset with or defend others that would get upset with people with a disability getting preferential treatment? I can't imagine anyone interpreting a person in a wheelchair being shuffled to the front of a line as them "skipping".
people do not choose to have a disability. we choose to ride motorcycles. when i make a choice, i should be the one who bears the ramifications (good or bad) of that choice. it is not right for me to force others to be inconvenienced to accommodate my choices.

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