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Originally Posted by LittleRedToyota View Post
people do not choose to have a disability. we choose to ride motorcycles. when i make a choice, i should be the one who bears the ramifications (good or bad) of that choice. it is not right for me to force others to be inconvenienced to accommodate my choices.

We cater to other peoples choices on a daily basis. We wait for school buses full of kids that someone else chose to have. We stop at crosswalks and wait until walkers cross even though we didn't choose for them to walk, that was their choice. Some people choose an activity that they know could result in a disability( Surfing, working with machinery, the military,ect.) yet we still accommodate them even if that choice results in a disability. Why? Because allowing ego to override decency and logic is unacceptable. Not filtering because you may anger someone that clearly has a fragile ego should be equally unacceptable. I simply won't waste my time worrying about those individuals and will deal with them as they come.
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