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Originally Posted by dmac57 View Post
Agreed that the first-gen SVs were better bikes. The amazing/sad thing to me is that Suzuki seemed to let that bike and class wither and die, even before the economic decline. The lightweight twin racing class was jam-packed, ultra-competitive, and cheap, plus riders were buying the bikes for the street. Then the second gen bikes had reliability issues, were taller, heavier, and (IMO) uglier. The, development just stopped. This (the SFV) bike appears unchanged from its introduction. Meh.
When the housing bubble inflated, people were buying the blue chip bikes. They were too good for the bread and butter SV.
That was my experience anyway, selling bikes back then. I couldn't say how many were using a line of equity to buy a race replica. It was a big percentage.

The SV lacked the cool factor to make people instant badasses, though it remains an extremely useful and reliable machine.
The entire naked segment just kind of withered.
The Z750S was a wonderful bike. I had to beg a guy to buy the 1 model we were allotted by Kawi. Practically gave it away.
The FZ6, SV1k, FZ1, 599, 919, all those bikes were like showroom potatoes.

Obviously people still bought them, but I sold maybe 4 RR bikes to every 1 naked/standard. Just my 2 cents.
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