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Crashed My K1600GT

Well, I suffered my first motorcycle accident Sunday afternoon after nearly 20 years of riding with essentially no close calls. I was riding through some very curvy sections of hwy 82 north of Spavinaw (ne OK) when I came to a slight uphill section and three slow moving vehicles. I glanced at the surroundings and figured I could sneak by quickly. I passed the first car instantly but the second vehicle, an older pick-up truck, cut me off and rolled down his window to yell something. He pulled back over but I was focused on him and looked up to see a truck in front turning left. It was too late and I cut left and collided with his front end. I remember parts flying and and hitting the ground on my left shoulder and the side of my head. I rolled at least once and remember trying to push the bike away from me as we slid. Fortunately, the big GT ended up to my left and side and never contacted me during the tumble. Gear - Shoe Neotech helmet, long sleeve shirt with KTM riding skins jacket, Kevlar jeans with Aerostitch Darien over pants, Sidi boots and summer gloves. No road rash whatsoever - I did suffer bruises over much of my body. I rolled over on my knees to collect my thoughts and immediately pictured my wonderful family - wife, 8 year old daughter and 6 year old son - wondering WTF am I doing. I stood up and walked around to shake things off (old football term ;-) but felt pain in my right hip. The driver of the pick-up truck was yelling something at me but I waved him off and asked to be left alone since I was hurt. I took my helmet off and was relieved to see no major damage but my vision in my left eye was hazy off to the side.

The ambulance arrived quickly and we took off for a 11/4 hour incredibly long trip back to Tulsa. My vision returned to normal quickly during the trip. We spoke with my wife by cell to assure her it was ok and the tests at the ER were negative (CT scans for neck, head and x-rays for hip). My neck muscles are sore but it could be from being uncomfortably tied to the board for so long. I haven't been able to move my hip much and the latest x-rays show possible fracture. A bone scan is scheduled for tomorrow. My vision is fine and no headaches. The hip is feeling a little better and I'm hopeful it's only soft tissue damage. I have been running a low grade fever but its probably the trauma.

We found the bike and its being shipped back to Tulsa BMW for inspection. I kind of hope the GT is totaled and I get to start over with a new bike. I have other bikes to look at while recovering. My one lingering thought is why - why did I put myself in that situation with an aggressive pass. I'm generally a cautious rider who takes safety very seriously. Obviously, I also question why I'm riding right now with two little kiddos. It made me so sad to think of their life without Dad. But, it is part of who I am and it speaks to me to ride and focus on being in the moment. I thought I would share the story with those who could take something positive away . . .

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