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Up here in New England, the best riding is often in rural areas. That means farm equipment & trucks, often heavily loaded, chugging along at sub-limit speeds on narrow, 2 lane blacktop. Other traffic, cars, & bikes, alike, pile up behind. (not just Harleys, but frequently, it seems) When the passing sections do come up, the following traffic just tailgates the slowpoke (car,truck, or bike) but won't make the pass. Once six or seven vehicles are piled up nose to tail behind a slow mover, I'm stuck if I am in 7th place. The passing zones are never long enough, given our hills & curves, to make a safe pass of the assembled clump, but the ones ahead in the mess will tailgate & weave but never summon the nerve to pass the offending slowpoke, even when it can be done legally & safely. I suspect that the prevalence of the interstate highways have led the average driver to lose his ability to make a safe, legal pass, on a 2 lane road.
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