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Is it displaced (ends of the bone far apart)? If so, any thought to getting it plated? I had an off on the track a couple of years ago that resulted in a busted left collar bone. X-rays showed the displacement was about an inch between the ends of the bone, and I got the usual schtick about waiting for it to heal up from the ER folks. That Sunday my primary care physician called me and told me she thought the break was bad enough that I should have surgery. I talked to the Ortho, and he pointed out a study that indicated that when the ends of a collar bone grow back overlapped (shorter), often the patient has shoulder (rotator cuff) problems later in life because of changes to the shoulder geometry. A week later, I had it plated and it was like night and day. Before, I could barely move it and had to work one-handed. Afterwards, I had 80% range of motion and could work and (most importantly) sleep comfortably.

Just my $.02. Hope you feel better.
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