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Originally Posted by opmike View Post
How did you come to the conclusion that this was due to you being on a Harley-Davidson and not just them being assholes or otherwise unconcerned about you? You're not the first person to be stuck being a bunch of guys in their own parade. Also, not everyone is going to let you by just because you're riding at a faster pace, and if they are going the speed limit, they quite frankly have no obligation to do so beyond courtesy.

He didn't come to that conclusion, or even say anything of the sort. He was noting that this is the thing that people complain about Harley riders doing, and he never got it before, but now after experiencing people doing it, he understands why people complain about it.

Yes, not everyone is going to let you by because you're riding at a faster pace, but they SHOULD. Whether they are going the speed limit or not. And if they know you are there and they don't, they are being a$$holes.

Originally Posted by kraven View Post
This is nothing but your sense of entitlement.
I see this all the time with out of towners who ride the BRP. "But this is the Parkway. I came to enjoy it. Everyone has to clear out of my way." No. No we don't.
The wings were probably doing the limit. Those are all public roads. No one is obliged to get out of your way and let you proceed at whatever pace you like.

If you want to ride fast, go do a track day. On public roads this is what you have to contend with and sometimes be subject to, so maybe adjust your worldview a bit.

No one owes you a clear line or a pulloff on a public road.
Ah, so you are one of them? Self-righteous, "I'll show them" attitude? Nice.

Originally Posted by TT RDHS View Post
Most states have laws like this -

If you have 5 or more vehicles stacked up behind you... you must pull over, and let them pass.
If you're going too slow, get out of the way.
It's the law!


Originally Posted by High Country Herb View Post
There are people who simply do not have the balls to make their own rules (speed in this case), so they take it upon themselves to hold others back. They live bitter lives, and resist friendly courtesy if it isn't required by law. What is so hard about letting someone make their own choices, and face their own consequences? Seeing someone with more courage than themselves, and facing that reality.

It is easy to be irritated by them, but what they really deserve is our pity.

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