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Originally Posted by Ozz View Post
This is at Divisadero. Both, the cable car and ziplines are pretty recent installations...less than 2 years.

The cable car is 3 km long and it's a beautiful ride.

The zipline is a series of 5 or 7 lines totaling 3 km. The longest one is 1,100 meters and you reach a speed between 95 and 105 km/hr. It's a total blast!!! The ground is about 200 meters below!

You can also get on a plane that takes you for a ride over the canyon. Here's a short video of our trip. The pilot allowed us to place the Gopro camera under the wing.

It was an amazing trip.
Ahh, I was there in 08. Divisadero was a busy spot because of the train stop and
how scenic it is.

You are right. It is an amazing ride and for us no police enforcement at all. Like riding
on a private road. Makes me grin typing this how fun those roads were.

I guess as long as you land in the silt the zip line would be safe.
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