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Originally Posted by antpatterson View Post
Man believe me I wanted to go to Cali. sooooooooo bad but I'm on the East side of the MS River so I have to go to Parris Island unless I have a Tradition Waiver which I do not. And I don't plan on thinking I'm better than any other fellow Marine let alone any other branch. I'm just doing it for my family, country, and see the world. I'm stoked about after re-enlistment I can choose somewhere else and my KTM will count as household item so I'm VERY happy about my decision to join.

One more question, my local bike shop sells sprocket bolts and I've never thought about it till now but are all sprocket bolts the same? They have a jar of them for like .50 a bolt. I'll probably just buy a set that they have hanging up.
Just compare one of your sprocket bolts to make sure its the same length and taper on the bolt head.
Make sure all threads are clean in hub,as far as I know blue loctite would be the thing to use.
Check em occasionally to make sure they stay tight.
Some bikes around at times
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