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Thanks for all of the positive comments. Most of what I'm hearing from the office s negativity. I will post some pictures of the bike sent from the dealership. It appears the right side of the engine case was crushed on impact. Also, all of the damage is on the right side confirming my impression that the violent impact sent the bike and I hurling sideways where the bike stayed to my front left sliding down the grass.

The guy in the pick-up was likely warning me and if I would have just played it cool and set back no doubt it wouldn't have been as painful. However, he also distracted me and slowed me enough to catch the next truck's front end.

I have a bone scan tomorrow morning so I'm hoping there is no fracture in hip. Anyone healed on here from such an injury? Everything on the Internet is oriented towards 70+ year olds and at 49 I'm hopeful for a little quicker healing potential! I'm usually a guy who recovers quickly even though the worst I've had is a broken rib.

MrBreeze - I appreciate the encouragement and kind words. I'm kinda glad I wasn't on my beloved ST1300 as I wasn't convinced I was going to sell it after purchasing the GT. I just want a sport tourer thats cooler to ride in the summer. The ST is still my all time favorite as it does everything without fuss or drama and I have reduced the heat felt while riding.
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